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The 6 Secrets To Finding A Great Car Crash Injury Lawyer

The 6 secrets to finding a great car crash injury lawyer - a car crash attorney who specializes in dealing with car accidents can help you after you've been in a wreck.

Every motorist should have a car crash injury lawyer on speed dial. But, unfortunately, car crashes remain the number one cause of death and injuries in the U.S.

According to the latest statistics, road crashes injure 4.4 million Americans every year. The good news is that your insurance should take over the substantial medical costs that result from the injuries, and the bad news is that insurance companies will try to reduce their costs as much as possible. 

Car crash attorneys ensure that your rights are protected. This article looks at some of the secrets to finding a significant car accident personal injury attorney.

1. Opt for a Specialized Car Crash Attorney

Car crash injury lawyer | young woman using mobile phone by car wreckage

The legal profession is pretty wide and complex. Each area of practice has unique rules and regulations. It takes years to master any niche and build a reputation.

A personal injury case is not the time to opt for a jack of all trades. This is not to say they are not great lawyers. However, general practice lawyers can be more helpful with estates, wills, and even divorces. 

However, only an experienced car crash attorney will know how to deal with insurance companies. They will be aware of every trick in the book. Their unique insight and experience will ensure you get the maximum possible settlement.

In the end, it will permanently save you a lot of time and costs due to mistakes and delays. So look for a specialized car crash injury lawyer and not someone who handled your divorce. 

2. Consider Level of Experience

Insurance companies don’t mess around, and neither should you. They retain a team of experienced attorneys to poke holes in your case.

A settlement can make the difference between getting that surgery or living with chronic pain. Always choose the most professional car crash injury lawyer you can afford.

With experience comes knowledge of common pitfalls and how to avoid them. They also know all the legal loopholes and exploit them—another advantage of experience having contacts.

Experienced car crash injury lawyers know all the great investigators and experts. All these factors are helpful should the case go to trial. The opposing legal team will likely want to settle as fast as possible out of fear.

3. Willingness to go to Trial

Car crash injury lawyer | lady justice and her scales

A majority of car accident cases never go to trial. The first reason is that there’s no guaranteed outcome. Secondly, trials are expensive, and insurance companies are in the business of cutting costs.

Similarly, many car crash injury lawyers try to avoid trial. There is nothing wrong with settling if it’s the best possible outcome given the facts. But the car accident personal injury attorney shouldn’t settle out of fear.

Insurance companies will likely lowball you if they know your attorney is avoiding trial. Therefore, they make little to no effort to settle your case.

When choosing a car crash injury lawyer, get one with a history of taking cases to trial. Such a car crash attorney will only settle if the offer is right. Otherwise, they happy to argue the case before a jury. You likely get a better outcome with such a car accident personal injury attorney.

4. History of High Settlements

The amount of settlement after a car crash depends on the extent of the injuries. Additionally, the solicitor will also look at emotional and mental anguish.

If you suffered severe injuries, you deserve a significantly higher settlement. You need to know whether your car crash injury lawyer is up to the task. Enquire how many multi-million settlements they have delivered in the past.

Millions may seem like a lot on paper. However, most of it may go towards medical bills if the injuries caused a disability or a recurrent condition. The last thing you need is a car crash attorney who has never seen that many zeros. Not all cases are worth six figures, but if you have one, don’t trust a small-time car crash injury lawyer with it.

5. The Attorney should have the Resources

There is a reason why insurance companies avoid litigation. Trying a case is an expensive venture. In addition to legal fees, each side has to cover the cost of court filings, expert witnesses, investigators, and a host of administrative expenses. Since insurers pay car crash injury lawyers by the hour, these costs keep piling the longer it takes.

Since most personal injury cases are paid on contingency, your car crash injury lawyer should be able to cover most of these costs. It doesn’t take much to know if your car crash injury lawyer has the resources.

Just take a look around at their office and the number of staff. Such an attorney will likely struggle and end up settling. Get a car crash injury lawyer who can go the distance financially.

6. Reasonable Legal Fees 

Car crash injury lawyer | wooden gavel

Top-tier legal services don’t come cheap. At some point, you and your car crash injury lawyer will have to talk money. Ideally, you should have this talk during the initial consultation. Different law firms have varying fee structures.

A contingency fee is one of the most popular arrangements for personal injury cases. Under this structure, the car crash injury lawyer gets a percentage of the settlement. Other payment types include

  • Flat fee
  • Hourly rate
  • Consultation fees
  • Retainer fee

For smaller settlements, most car crash injury lawyers prefer a flat fee or an hourly arrangement. You should also enquire about consultation fees.

For obvious reasons, you want to a car crash injury lawyer with lower legal fees. However, it should be reasonable given the services. If it’s low, then you should question the quality of the legal services. Cheap is often expensive.

Get the Right Car Crash Injury Lawyer in New Jersey

Getting the right car crash injury lawyer is never easy. It is even more challenging when you are dealing with pain from a car crash. However, you should never rush it. Having the right car crash injury lawyer can make the difference between a quick settlement and a drawn-out legal battle. Lord, Kobin, Alvarez, and Fattel LLC is one of the biggest law firms in New Jersey. Together, the team has won more than $300 million for their clients. We won’t rest until you get what you deserve. So contact us today and let us be your car crash injury lawyer.

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