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Common Myths About Personal Injury Law 

When you hear the term “personal injury law” you probably think of the steaming hot coffee in the Liebeck vs. McDonald’s case or the many claims levied against weathermen for predicting sunshine when the clouds spilled rain. The industry is rife with outlandish cases, but the average personal injury lawyer in East Orange, NJ has bread and butter cases to serve up with the occasional outlandish case.

This is an intensely practical field, and it exists to bring a healthy level of accountability to the world. When someone else’s negligence costs you money and social harm, personal injury law not only brings you reparation. It also helps to ensure that others don’t suffer the same consequences. Society is at its healthiest when ethics keep it in balance, so when you hire our personal injury lawyer in East Orange you help to restore equilibrium for those who will follow behind you. Let’s look at a few myths surrounding personal injury law to help provide better understanding for you.

For over 30 years, Robert Lord has been providing his clients with personalized attention and aggressive legal representation. Proudly serving the Elizabeth NJPlainfield NJEast Orange NJ, and Newark NJ areas – the legal professionals with Lord, Kobrin, Alvarez & Fattell have secured over $300 million in settlement payments for their clients in Union County, Essex County, and Middlesex County, NJ.

For over 25 years, Robert Lord has been providing his clients with personalized attention and aggressive legal representation. Proudly serving the

Personal injury lawyer in east orange

Myth Six: It Takes Tears to Settle a Personal Injury Claim

A personal injury claim can take between two weeks and several years to settle. In most cases, though, it takes a personal injury lawyer four to six months to settle road or car accident claims and six to nine months to settle work accident matters. Medical negligence and industrial disease claims are far more complicated, so they can take up to 36 months to try. The length of time a claim takes depends on whether the other party accepts liability and how long it will take to collect evidence. Our personal injury lawyer in East Orange, NJ will be able to estimate your anticipated trial period based on the seriousness of your injuries and the circumstances of your accident.

Myth Seven: All Cases Go to Court

Lawsuits are expensive, so if the other party expects to lose, they’re often willing to settle out of court. Many proceedings end amicably, so our personal injury attorney might be able to secure a settlement long before you receive your first medical bills.

Myth Eight: Personal Injury Law is a Selfish Pursuit

Personal injury law has a reputation for being intensely selfish, but unsafe behavior has a price, and it’s paid by all victims, past, and future. When you apply for compensation with your personal injury lawyer you don’t merely cover your own needs, but the victims that could follow in your stead. Personal injury claims hold businesses accountable for their actions. If a product is found dangerous in court, it motivates the manufacturer to improve its practices. The tobacco industry once insisted that its products weren’t connected with cancer. When lawsuits proved otherwise, the industry was all but forced to use health warnings.

When Richard Grimshaw made a personal injury claim against Ford Motor Company for a death caused by a ruptured gas tank, much of the world saw the case as frivolous. The lawsuit exposed the fact that the automobile giant had known about the flaw all along. Pintos were taken off the road, and motor companies all over the world learned an important lesson: Lies and unethical choices would be exposed. You, too, can change the world—and your next personal injury claim might do exactly that, so speak to our personal injury lawyer in East Orange, NJ today.

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