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6 Vital Items to Consider When Hiring the Right NJ DUI Lawyer

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In New Jersey, driving under influence (DUI), also known as driving while intoxicated (DWI), is a grave offense that can attract serious penalties even for first-time offenders. It is important to work with a seasoned NJ DUI lawyer if you are facing DUI charges.

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While New Jersey has established many alternatives to convictions related to DUI offenses, defendants can’t typically navigate these alternatives on their own. Defendants can only do that through an experienced DUI attorney. Nonetheless, hiring an established DUI attorney can be an overwhelming process, bearing in mind there are countless NJ DUI attorneys. If you are planning to hire an NJ DUI lawyer for your DWI case, here are 6 crucial items you should keep in consideration before hiring them. 

1. The Attorney’s Area of Specialization

Choosing a legal expert who is good at handling DUI cases ought to be your topmost priority when picking your DUI attorney. Only a lawyer who is conversant with DUI laws in NJ can increase your odds of winning your DUI case.  Therefore, don’t settle for any lawyer. Instead, strive to get a specialized DUI attorney.

When evaluating prospective attorneys, check their credentials to see whether they have a specialty in DUI laws. Apart from looking at the lawyer’s specialization, make sure they are qualified to handle your case. Furthermore, ensure the attorney is licensed to practice in NJ and they are conversant with NJ’s legal system.

2. Work Experience in the Field of DUI

Choosing an experienced NJ DUI attorney can have lots of benefits, especially for convicts who are clueless about DUI laws. An experienced DUI attorney has an in-depth understanding of DUI laws and their loopholes and thus they can leverage that to boost your chances of succeeding with your case.

An experienced NJ DUI lawyer is well versed in the procedural issues relating to DUI cases. Moreover, a seasoned DUI attorney will make sure your papers are properly presented in court, and in a way that complies with NJ DUI law. Therefore, be certain that the DUI lawyer you decide to hire has a wealth of experience in tackling DUI cases.

3. NJ DUI Lawyer with Credible References

The level of experience that a DUI attorney has isn’t the only quality that matters most. After all, it is possible to come across an attorney who has handled many DWI cases before and yet they have done an extremely poor job.

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References are helpful for you to determine whether the attorney is successful or not. Before entrusting a prospective DUI lawyer with your case, ask the lawyer whether they have credible references to past clients.  Contact these clients to confirm that they have worked with the lawyer and whether they were satisfied with the legal services they got from the attorney.

4. Free Legal Consultations

Most DUI attorneys in NJ usually give free consultations to their prospective clients, but on condition that these clients will hire their legal services in return. However, the best attorney should give you a free consultation unconditionally. With an initial free consultation, you can meet the lawyer in person, have them answer your questions, and also address any concerns you might be having relating to your DUI case.

5. Consider the DUI Lawyer’s Reputation

The kind of reputation that a prospective DUI attorney has matters and it should be one of the most vital things to consider when you are picking your attorney. Choosing an attorney with multiple discipline cases against them can be disastrous. Working with an attorney who has a proven bad reputation significantly lowers your odds of winning your case.

Before committing yourself to a prospective DUI lawyer, do a background check of their reputation. Check with NJ’s State Bar Association to see whether the lawyer has ever been subjected to disciplinary actions in the past, or whether they have a record of malpractice. Ensure the attorney has an untainted record that isn’t riddled with any controversies. 

6. Legal Fees

Although this should be your last consideration, the amount that a prospective NJ DUI attorney charges for their services is equally worth considering. After all, you can only hire an attorney whom you can genuinely afford. As such, make sure the attorney you intend to pick for your DWI case charges an affordable fee.

However, don’t resort to hiring cheap attorneys since most of them are mere startups and have limited experience in DUI cases. Instead, find an experienced attorney that charges reasonable fees for their services without exploiting clients.

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Lord & Kobrin Are Here to Help You!

Having a reliable NJ DUI lawyer will significantly boost your chances of winning your DUI cases, whether you are a first time or repeat DUI offender. Upon putting these 6 essential items into consideration alongside significant others, nothing will stand in your way to getting the best DUI attorney for your case. If you are looking for the best legal representation in New Jersey, Lord and Kobrin are here to hold your hand towards the path to justice. Read more about our Criminal & Municipal Services and call us today and schedule your appointment 908-232-7666.

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